Rodgers Business Park 2101 Starkey Rd. Suite A19 Largo, Florida 33771


Serving Pinellas County Communities
Can you cut customer provided glass and mirrors to size?

Yes, we can.

Do you sell or install automotive glass or mirrors?
We do not sell automotive glass.
Do you install mirrors including mirrored walls?
Yes, we install mirrors (walls, vanity mirrors etc).
How long will it take from order to installation?
Lead times can range from 1-2 business days to 2 weeks.
How do we proceed if we want to accept your estimate?
We will email you a formal quote. You send a reply email to confirm the order. Depending on the material there could be a deposit.
Do you carry replacement window hardware and/or new stops?
We do not carry replacement hardware. We strictly replace glass.
Can you cut tempered or safety glass?

Once glass is tempered it cannot be cut. There are other types of safety glass that can be cut, i.e.(laminated glass, wire glass).

Do you replace glass in insulated or single pane windows?

Yes, we replace insulated and single pane glass.

Do you have custom framing?

We do not perform custom framing.

Do you have your own installers, or do you use subcontractors?
We have our own installers.
Can we just "glue" a mirror to a wall?
Mirrors can either be glued or clipped to the wall.
What type of warranty do you give on your products?